Terms and Conditions

Volunteer Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct 2018

By completing your volunteer application, you are agreeing to abide by the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct. Please make sure you read this document before you submit your volunteer application.

Terms and Conditions

1. Volunteer deposits are non-refundable pre-event.
2. Volunteer deposits are non-refundable post-event unless you complete your assigned shifts.
3. All applicants must be aged 18 years or above upon arriving on-site in Croatia.
4. The deadline for final deposit payments for Dimensions is Wednesday 29th August 2018 and the deadline for final deposit payments for Outlook is Wednesday 5th September 2018.
5. Purchasing your volunteer deposit within the relevant recruitment deadline is the only way to secure a position within a specific department or shift group.
6. Volunteer deposits are non-transferable to third parties.
7. Volunteer deposits are non-transferable to customer tickets.
8. Volunteers purchasing a deposit with Coach Transfer will only be entitled to their return journey if they complete all their shifts.
9. Customer tickets brought via See Tickets are eligible for refund once you have purchased your Volunteer deposit.
10. All deposits eligible for refund will be processed by Friday 28th September 2018. Deposit refunds can take up to five working days to reach your account from the date of processing.
11. Any volunteer deposit queries must be submitted via email within two weeks of the deposit return date (Friday 26th October 2018) Any queries made outside this time will not be processed and your volunteer deposit will NOT be returned.
12. Volunteer deposits can only be refunded to the bank account the payment was taken from.
13. It is the volunteer's responsibility to ensure that they are on-site within the block of dates they have selected to volunteer.
14. All volunteers must arrive on-site and make themselves known to the Volunteer Management Office (VMO) the day BEFORE their first shift.
15. All volunteers are required to inform us of their travel arrangements to and from the site. You are responsible for keeping us up to date with any changes to your travel plans.
16. All Volunteers are responsible for ensuring the information on their PAAM Profile page is up to date to enable the Volunteer Management Team to contact them regarding important information about their Volunteer Position.
17. You must inform us via email if there are any changes that may affect your ability to volunteer.
18. Camping costs will only be refunded (minus booking fees) to those who purchase their camping pass via the Volunteer deposit payment link. Customer camping passes will not be refunded.
19. Volunteer shifts cannot be swapped, and we cannot take requests for Volunteers to work with their friends.
20. Volunteer shifts cannot be amended if they clash with boat party times. We will offer one name change on your boat party ticket in the event of a shift clash, enabling you to swap or sell the ticket you have purchased.
21. Selection of your choice of department or shift group is a preference, not a guarantee and can be subject to change pre-event or on-site. You will be placed where the festival needs you.
22. By completing your application, you are agreeing to the submission of your email address to the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals newsletter and account notifications database.
23. By completing your application, you are agreeing that any photographs; video; sound recordings taken of you or by you may be used by Outlook & Dimensions Festivals and the clients of Outlook & Dimensions Festivals for any promotional purposes.
24. By completing your application, you are agreeing that if your performance is deemed less than satisfactory by Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Management; you will be blacklisted, thus blocking you to apply for further positions with Outlook & Dimensions Festivals and that this information will be passed to the festival organiser and via the festival organiser to their suppliers, contractors and other festival and event organisers.
25. Volunteers will be issued with day wristbands upon completion of their shifts. Therefore, a lacking in commitment to designated volunteering hours will not only result in the non-repayment of deposits but also restrict any access to the festival site. Any volunteers wishing to regain access to the site will be required to purchase a customer ticket to do so. Please note, your volunteer deposit will not be refunded in these circumstances.

Code of Conduct
For your own safety and the safety of others, Volunteers are required to turn up for their shifts in a fit state to work. Being deemed in an unfit state to work is at the discretion of the Steward/Area Manager and the Volunteer Management Office Staff.


Anyone failing to abide by the above will not be permitted to work. This will result in the terms of your Volunteer agreement not being met.

You must refrain from any public discussion via social networking sites that could result in negative press for Outlook and Dimensions Festivals.

1. Do not complete any shift allocated to you
2. Lose any uniform and/or equipment allocated to you*
3. Miss your onsite briefing/s
4. Do not sign in and out of your shifts
6. Breach the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Terms & Conditions
7. Breach the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Code of Conduct

*For uniform and equipment losses and/or damage Outlook & Dimensions Festivals may only withhold part of your deposit; dependent on the value of the uniform/equipment lost/damaged.

Any Pass or Wristband is a functional tool Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Staff and Volunteers require, to carry out their duties. Breaching any License Holders Terms & Conditions; Policies and Procedures; Code of Conduct; Rules and Regulations will result in your Pass or Wristband being removed, thus limiting your access to the site.

Any failure on the Volunteers' part to meet with their terms of service; the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Terms and Conditions; or the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Code of Conduct; will result in forfeit of any remuneration and deposit paid; the requirement to pay any costs to Outlook & Dimensions Festivals that may have been incurred; and the Volunteer being blacklisted.

If you are blacklisted by Outlook & Dimensions Festivals, you have the right to appeal; any appeal should be made in writing to Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Volunteer Manager.

Your Volunteering place and confirmation of your position are temporary and may be withdrawn at any time due to any of the following reasons:
1. The named event does not take place or is cancelled;
2. You are in breach of the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Terms & Conditions; Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Code of Conduct.

Any of the following including the aiding and abetting of others constitutes a breach of the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals Terms and Conditions of voluntary position:
1. Failure to comply with the Outlook & Dimensions Festivals and Conditions; Code of Conduct; Code of Practice; Instructions; Policies and Procedures and instructions of Outlook & Dimensions Festivals clients.
2. Neglecting to complete a required task promptly and diligently, without sufficient cause.
3. Leaving a position without permission or without sufficient cause.
4. Making or signing any false statements, of any description.
5. Destroying, altering or erasing documents, records or electronic data without permission or through negligence.
6. Divulging matters confidential to Outlook & Dimensions Festivals and/or its clients, either past or present, without permission.
7. Soliciting or receipt of gratuities or other consideration from any person, or failure to account for keys, money or property received in connection with the business of Outlook & Dimensions Festivals or Outlook & Dimensions Festivals.
8. Incivility to persons encountered during duties or misuse of authority in connection with the business of Outlook & Dimensions Festivals or Outlook & Dimensions Festivals clients.
9. Conduct in a manner likely to bring discredit to Outlook & Dimensions Festivals, a fellow volunteer/employee, Outlook & Dimensions Festivals clients, or Outlook & Dimensions Festivals client's customers.
10. Use of uniform, equipment or identification without permission.
11. Reporting for duty under the influence of alcohol or restricted drugs, and/or use of these whilst on duty.
13. Permitting unauthorised access to premises; event site; area of work.
14. Carrying of equipment not issued as essential to an individual's role or duties or use of an Outlook & Dimensions Festivals client's and/or Outlook & Dimensions Festivals client's customer's equipment or facilities without permission.